Since 1993 the center had been receiving regular contributions from OSI New York which represented its main financial resource.  These contributions ended in 2002. During the two subsequent years the Foundation and Center for Contemporary Arts received financial support from the budget of OSF Prague. Contributions from and cooperation with the following institutions: Trust for Mutual Understanding, Phillip Morris, a.s., 101 Czech Artists (providing artwork to the foundation’s collection or monetary donations), and Jiří and Radana Walda represented partial resources of the grant program, as well as the foundation’s management.  

Since 2002 the main financial resource for the Foundation’s activities has been the contribution from the National Property Fund. Based on the resolution no. 1946 of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic dated December 12, 2001 and the government of the Czech Republic decree no. 1025/01 dated October 10, 2001, FCA Prague became the recipient of a contribution from the financial resources allocated to the Foundation Investment Fund (NIF) in the second phase in the total amount of 35,000,000 CZK.

According to paragraph III. of the National Property Fund (FNM) agreement dated March 27, 2002 this contribution was used as follows: 85% of the contribution was deposited in the foundation’s assets in the form of shares in Czech bank institutions with the goal to use the gains from these funds in the subsequent years for allocating third parties in the form of foundation contributions. The remaining 15% of the contribution was released for immediate allocation in the grant program. (a total of 2,250,000 CZK was used)

In 2013 the Board of Trustees of the foundation reached the decision to sell all shares and stocks and purchase a building at the following address: Dukelských hrdinů 25a, 117 00, Prague 7 for 21,100,000 CZK and other resources were released for the reconstruction of the building with the purpose to serve as a cultural HUB. The building was leased to the Centre for Contemporary Arts Prague, o.p.s. and the rental fee represents the main financial resource for managing the foundation, as well as the grant program. In 2018 an agreement was made with GESTOR - The Union for the Protection of Authorship, regarding the allocation of finances from GESTOR’s resources using the foundation’s grant system.

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