In 2014 the Foundation used its resources to purchase the building of a former bakery and our long-term goal was to build the new headquarters of the Foundation, as well as of the Center for Contemporary Arts.

Our vision for this new space is based on creating a unique "setup" in the sense of a stable, open, yet moderated, independent platform for artists and art institutions that encourages mutual influence as well as the development of contemporary art scene as a whole with respect to its various and often specific needs. We would like to establish this type of an environment, then cultivate it and after that work with it on long-term basis having specific objectives.

The building is located in the centre of Prague's quarter Letná. This space of 1200 m² now offers the following:

Other institutions and projects will follow in the nearest future.

The building will continue to be gradually renovated and made accessible to the public. The architectonic study was done by the studio Tři architekti.

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