FCA is preparing an up-to-date announcement
of 2023 grants.

During the years 2020-2022 the allocation of grants was put on hold as all of the Foundation’s financial resources were directed towards the completion of the reconstruction of the Bakery building – the headquarters of the FCA and CCA. Following the completion of the reconstruction, which is scheduled for the end of this year, the revenue from the rent of the building, along with other financial sources of the Foundation, will be once again directed toward the support of the grant program.

We would like to thank all supporters of FCA’s grant program.

During 2018 and 2019 the grant program was administered thanks the organization GESTOR - The Union for the Protection of Authorship. Prior to that the grants were awarded from the profits of the NIF contribution, which the Foundation received in the amount of 35,224,000 CZK, thanks to donations from OSI New York (Georges Soros), OSF Praha, Trust for Mutual Understanding, Philip Morris, Ohio Art Council, European Cultural Foundation, Czech German Future Fond, Daniel Langloise Foundation, Municipal Council of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and other donors.

The grant program of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts (FCA Prague) has been announced annually since 1993. From the beginning of the program until 2019, 745 grants had been awarded in the total of 50,000,000 CZK. The objective of the grant program is to support the origin and public presentation of contemporary artwork with an emphasis on high artistic quality and presumed social incidence of the projects presented. The grant committee made up of renowned professionals, art historians and fine art critics elected for a three-year period, gives preference to innovative projects by professional fine artists not yet established on the fine arts scene. Artists, curators, as well as institutions can apply for the grant.

On behalf of FCA Prague Ludvík Hlaváček

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