The Foundation for Contemporary Arts celebrates 
30 years of existence this year.

During that time, it has supported over 700 artistic projects with more than CZK 50 million.

It was at the beginning of the careers of many artists whose names are known to most people today.

FCA founded and supports the Center for Contemporary Arts. Together, the two organizations developed the Foundation House - Bakery, which is a unique space for the development of organizations in the nonprofit sector.

FCA activity is directly focused on supporting individuals and institutions operating in the Czech Republic, with a focus on international cooperation. An important feature of its strategy is focusing not on the confirmed values of the past, but on contemporary art, on free creativity, on an undecided present, on an open future and on tolerance of new and different views. By supporting the realisation and presentation of the artistic inventiveness of individual artists, the FCA contributes to the empowerment of the individual in society and creates a counterbalance to levelling consumerist tendencies.

FCA initiates new collaborations.

Become a proud partner in the development of contemporary art, a partner of FCA.

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